MDC Careerday MDC Careerday

Previous Events

The MDC CareerDay is an annual event for young scientists and students in and around Berlin that started in April 2013. It was followed by events in April 2014April 2015, and April 2016.

In our archive you find the event brochures, a selection of talks, a summary of the surveys that evaluated the two events and a collection of photos of our previous CareerDays.

See below pictures from the MDC CareerDay 2014 (all photos: Guido Rottmann / MDC)

Rottmann_140403_1595.jpg Rottmann_140403_1598.jpg Rottmann_140403_1787.jpg Rottmann_140403_1850.jpg Rottmann_140403_1737.jpg Rottmann_140403_1531.jpg Rottmann_140403_1538.jpg Rottmann_140403_1559.jpg Rottmann_140403_1625.jpg Rottmann_140403_1760.jpg Rottmann_140403_1893.jpg Rottmann_140403_1764.jpg Rottmann_140403_1935.jpg Rottmann_140403_2024.jpg